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    IZOD by IZOD

    Of all the fresh wanna be fragrances out there this one actually does its job and has nothing to object to while covering you with a clean freshness. I think of this as a fresh scent rather than aquatic. It occupies the same category of fragrances where you find Escentric Molecules, Wicken 3000, Antimatiere, CdG Soda, Outrageious and Colonia Intensa. This is a very practical scent to have around when the weather gets hot.

    The opening is sparkling citrus plus a hint of mint with cucumber and this quickly layers over an ultra light and dry synthetic cotton scent. Thats about it in the scented notes cateogry as far as I can tell. Whatever the basenote is, it is very lightly done (very dry tobacco??) and does not overpower the original cucumber + mint + cotton freshness which stays for quite a while. So, when its HOT outside and you want something that gives you a burst of clean fresh coolness - IZOD is the one. You might have to refresh it after about 4 hours, but it is a pleasant experience. They also make body spray that smells the same and is easier to apply a needed heavier dose. I think IZOD smells way better than Woolite, Windex and almost all of the blue aquatic scents that litter the shelves at the mall and it works well to add freshness to the body in summer heat. Thumbs up!

    01st June, 2010

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