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    Axe Phoenix / Lynx Phoenix by Axe / Lynx

    One of the more distinct "drugstore scents" out there. Before discovering "real" cologne, I was a big Axe user, prefering Kilo, Voodoo, and a mix of the two (two parts Kilo to one part Voodoo is a very good combination). My friend who worked at a record store somehow managed to get an entire garbage bag full of samplers of this fragrance (used for some sort of promotion; he must have had at least 500 bottles). There is something captivating about the scent, and though it has grown on me over time, I'm still not a big fan of it. One of the scent components of this fragrance strongly reminds me of that of semen (perhaps why so many people I know find this scent "erotic," "naughty," or downright "sexual"). Compared to a traditional cologne or EdT, like all other "drugstore scents," it lacks the complexity and depth that make scents so enjoyable in the first place. If you like this scent, but want to step up to something a bit more sophisticated, Acqua di Gio pour Homme... though that scent is a bit overrated and overpopular and not to my taste, at least one is able to appreciate the dynamic nature of a real cologne rather than the flat and one-dimensional characteristics of these "drugstore scents"

    19th August, 2005

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