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    Infusion d'Homme by Prada

    If you like soapy scents, run, don't walk, to the nearest mall to get Infusion d'Homme. It's an opaque, stark, chalky white soap from the future, with just enough softness that it won't send you cowering. The imagery that comes to mind is a clean room at an Apple product development facility.

    Unlike many scents of this type, it has a definite presence, and after the super-sharp topnotes smooth out, a nice lightly sweetened incensey powder enters the background, lending some humanity to a scent that otherwise smells very technological.

    I don't actually smell a direct iris note in it, as I do in, say, L'Homme de Coeur. But that isn't really what we're after here. In IdH, the "iris" is more of cold, green powderiness, not a beautiful, blooming iris flower. And that's fine with me.

    15th December, 2008 (Last Edited: 29th April, 2010)

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