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    Anvers 2 by Ulrich Lang

    I glanced at Anvers 2's pyramid awhile back and almost ran away without looking back. I tend to dislike "everything but the kitchen sink" scents. They usually come across as an unfocused mess of notes in disarray. Looking at the pyramid, Anvers 2 should fall into this category.

    Thankfully, it does not. I was convinced to get a sample after reading Off-Scenter's excellent review, in which he alludes to the simplicity/complexity paradox of Anvers 2.

    In short, he is right. It is complex, but never bludgeons your nose with chaos like, say, Antidote. Anvers 2 reveals a whiff of greens here, florals there, tobacco, pepper, woods, amber and more. This concoction should collapse under its own weight and project a swampy, dismal cloud. But instead, it's an agile, cat-like fragrance. None of the elements conflict. Light on their feet, they dance around each other, perfectly synchronized.

    Anvers 2 manages to smell rich, fresh and ethereal all at once, and it's a great experience for almost any occasion.

    09th August, 2010

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