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    Nanadebary Classic Pink by Nanadebary

    Nanadebary Classic Pink + my chemistry = one helluva sexy fragrance. Many years ago, CCB Paris had a wonderful fragrance called Love, Etc. Nanadebary Pink reminds me of this, but Pink is much more elegant. I've tried thousands of perfumes, and owned hundreds more, yet Nanadebary Pink remains outstanding, and rare. According to, Pink's notes are Bergamot, Ginger, Jasmine, Iris, Sandalwood, Vanilla, and Musk. The notes themselves aren't unique...but whatever magic the perfumer used in this blend makes it a multi-level olfactory experience. In the beginning of wear, Pink is almost innocent; a pure, clear, soft pink with a hint of sugar. As it develops, it becomes strikingly spicy, and an earthier, adventurous pink steals the show. It makes me crave a huge piece of sourcream frosted carrot cake. This is the part of the fragrance that dominates, and lasts the longest. The drydown is extremely unusual for such a spicy fragrance, because it's slightly astringent, and almost soapy; a glass of pink lemonade after the cake. Sandalwood and jasmine emerge as a soft, graceful woodiness, but the ginger note lingers in the back of my throat, like a memory. According to my fragrance friends, my skin makes fragrances smell "spicy", so the cinnamon-like, nutmeg-like "gingeriness" of Pink winds up being the most outstanding component for me. Nanadebary's recent reformulation of Pink, Classic Pink, is still dedicated to the goddess in every woman, but this tenacious edp format was inspired by the strength of the people who helped to save Nana de Bary's life during a devastating tsunami in Thailand in 2004. Nana de Bary's courage and inspiring tale of survival adds depth and enjoyment to my deep appreciation of this all-natural fragrance.

    24th November, 2008

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