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    Lyric Rain by Strange Invisible Perfumes

    Ingenius. Inspired by and named for Dorothy's Parker's morbidly exquisite poem, Lyric Rain is an olfactory deconstruction of the reality of death, and the implications of decomposition. "Oh, let it be a night of lyric rain/And singing breezes when my bell is tolled." Like Parker, this perfume cannot resist wit; and it knows better than to take itself too seriously. True to form for the exceptional Strange Invisible Perfumes, at the beginning of wear, I am damn near compelled to dress in black and roam a moonlit cemetery. Jasmine, patchouli, and lavender create a night spell; I can almost hear echoing footsteps and wisps of Chopin Nocturnes played by raindrops. "I have so loved the rain that I would hold/Last in my ears its friendly, dim refrain." In synch with the poem, Lyric Rain becomes wry, yet bitter, with notes of lotus and pink pepper; "Kinder the busy worms than ever love." Overall, the fragrance creates irony: the scent of old damp leaves, cold night air, moss-covered earth, and yet, somehow, prettiness emerges, like an afterthought; hindsight. "My bed made secret by the leveling showers,/My breast replenishing the weeds above./And you will say of me, "Then has she died?/Perhaps I should have sent a spray of flowers."

    24th November, 2008

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