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    Fire Island by Bond No. 9

    To me, Fire Island is the ungainly monster that Dr.Frankenstein created from my Coppertone suntan lotion childhood memories. It's toooo much; strong, and headache inducing. The worst thing about it, is that it has a note that reminds me of the smell of the lubricant used in doctors' offices. After sniffing a scent strip at the Bond No. 9 counter, I thought Fire Island smelled summery and warm, like orange blossoms and the beach. I sprayed one squirt on my arm and I was stunned at how suddenly it became oppressive. After about 5 minutes it became an extremely heavy, musky, siliconey scent, and the pretty orange blossom note turned into a piercing, unnatrual white floral accord. As luck would have it, I couldn't quell this stuff for anything. At the counter, I sprayed testers over it with nearly every Bond I like. Nothing subdued it, and nothing outlasted it. I smelled Fire Island on my arm for at least 34 hours, even after scrubbing with Noxzema, isopropyl alcohol, coffee grounds, and Zest. This one's not for me.

    27th March, 2007

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