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    Magazine Street by Strange Invisible Perfumes

    Magazine Street is the kind of fragrance that makes me remember why I fell so in love with perfumes in the first place. It's an olfactory incarnation of how life really smells, if you're lucky. I haven't yet been able to visit New Orleans after Katrina's devastation. New Orleans was one of the most fascinating, and definitely the most haunting, preternatural city I've ever visited. I could almost see the ghosts of Lestat, and Ignacious Reilly, and Blanche Dubois in the gardens, and the cemeteries, and wandering the balconied streets. Magazine Street, in its current paradigm, is an enchanting shopping area filled with antiques, artisan jewelry, excellent cafes, and comforting spas. Magazine Street was not completely destroyed by Katrina, so in the aftermath of the hurricane, "the show went on", allowing the city to have at least a little bit of economic recovery, and a lot of inspiration. Its shops have become a model for sustenance and positive community relations through their vital examples of "staying local" with all provisional and recreational purchases. Through vigorous work and immutable hope, Magazine Street is helping to soothe New Orleans. Magazine Street, the mesmerizing perfume, is a striking tribute to the spirit of the eponymous neighborhood. On a poetic level, it's the scent of air on a hot, sweet Southern evening, right after a vigorous rainstorm. You smell the flowers, dampness, greens, mustiness, and even the ghosts, filled with pain and joy. I get a hint of the French Quarter the - beignets at Cafe Du Monde, from a deep vanilla note. On a literal level, Magazine Street perfume is a magnolia-vanilla version of Frederic Malle Carnal Flower. It begins with a camphor quality that I find irresistible, and its layers reveal magnolia, vanilla, vetiver, and musk, as lush, and assertive redolence. I think this fragrance is what mainstream marketing would call "unisex", because it smells more like a traditional "men's" cologne rather than a "feminine" perfume. This is an evening scent for me, mostly because I prefer dark vanillas when its dark outside, but it can be worn comfortably day and night. It's sensuous, beautiful, and singular, and all true fragrance lovers will probably at least appreciate it, if they don't fall head over heels in love with it, which is more likely.

    09th August, 2008

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