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    Jasmin Noir by Bulgari

    How I've missed trying new elegant, unique fragrances that were created to be fashionable accessories; to enhance beauty, and set a mood. So many new fragrances have smelled like air freshener, antiperspirant, and/or soap, for so long, that I'd feared the launch of my concept of "elegant perfume" was something of fond memory. I read about Jasmin Noir on blogs, and all the notes sounded intriguing, except licorice. I hate licorice enough that its scent can completely ruin a perfectly nice fragrance for me. I can't smell any straightforward licorice in Jasmin Noir, so I'm relieved. When I first sprayed Jasmin Noir, I was skeptical. It smelled SO good, but I knew I had to give it just a little time to disappoint me. I assumed it would become linear, or chemical-like, or headache inducing, or plasticy, or hairspray-ish, or fruity, or just plain boring. My surprise, many hours later, was filled with happiness. Jasmin Noir is not only gorgeous, it's brilliantly multi-faceted, moody, striking, enchanting, and long-lasting. Rather than blasting individual notes, Jasmin Noir creates a spicy, woody atmosphere of its own. It smells luxurious, and blatantly sensual. It openly and confidently whispers Seduction: the kind involving Veuve Clicquot, Bulgari jewelry, and La Perla Black Label. When I read reviews, I like to see what other fragrances either smell like, or bring to mind, the fragrance being reviewed. Jasmin Noir is quite distinctive on me, but I'd categorize it as having a mood (not scent) similar to Allure, Boucheron, Samsara, Amouage Gold, Nuits de NoHo...perfumes created for glamor and intrigue.

    05th September, 2008

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