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    Norma Kamali Incense by Norma Kamali

    I absolutely adore this scent and find it unspeakably beautiful. Even so, I recognize that it has a certain acrid quality - especially prominent in the opening - that even I find a little challenging. In contrast to other reviewers, I do not smell "burning", but I can see why people might say that. I don't find it spicy or animalic either. The most prominent note to my nose is labdanum, present in huge amounts (and oddly not mentioned by others here). I don't doubt the copal, but I don't know that scent in isolation, so I'm unqualified to comment on it. Incense is perhaps the most tenacious scent in my collection, and possibly also the strongest. I'm not quite sure how to put this into words, but it is a little EVIL - a perfume for malicious spirits. However, the late late late drydown (say 24h. or so after application) is one of the most sublime scents I have ever smelled. This juxtaposition of heaven and hell may be what inspires my sincere LOVE for this fragrance.

    10th December, 2008

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