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    Jasmin by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier

    Jasmine is a floral note that lives within many fragrances spanning time and even gender. When a parfumer introduces this abundantly fragrant flower as the focal point of a scent, I'm all set to try it! Many times my nose meets with disappointment as so many of these so called "jasmines" contain a multitude of other notes that either overrun the jasmine, or flat out steal the jasmine's spotlight. With that said, you can tell I'm just a little bit picky!

    In MPG's rendition Jasmin, the opening note of this flower is authentic, delicate and beautiful. It is accompanied by a touch of green, which IMO always compliments jasmine and enables it to sustain a certain quality of freshness. It is clearly sustained throughout the entire wearing, thus earning it's 'jasmin' name. Also living in this blend is a healthy dose of oakmoss. Oakmoss imparts a serious dry feeling, cutting away any excessive sweetness that may exist. It's enjoyable; a unique pairing. If you normally don't care for the scent of jasmine, this is truly a different presentation ~ completely worth trying. After sampling this juice on my body for a couple days, it is what some refer to as 'indolic'. I call it 'fleshy'. My recommendation is to give this one a serious trial - then decide for yourself. It is worthy of a fair wear!

    27th October, 2007

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