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    The Smell of Weather Turning by Gorilla Perfume

    I'm completely blown away by The Smell of Weather Turning. In fact, so are my co-workers & family members! Tested it out one morning and got 2 unsolicited compliments within 30 minutes time! Now really, how often does THAT happen?! This interesting fragrance opens with a clearly bright, almost palate cleansing note of mint that slowly gives way to a swirl of smokiness - like clouds rolling in overhead. This overcast phase is lovely. Compelling. I keep sniffing my wrist intermittently to see what's going to happen next. Then, as if the clouds are cleared by a gentle breeze, upward rises the scent of sweet wet grass, green and fresh. Some smells dried, which must be the notes of hay. It makes me smile. This final phase sticks for a good couple hours before completely fading. I cannot remember the last time a fragrance affected my emotions like this one...immediately, without further wearings, I got online & purchased the largest size bottle they offer!

    When my bottle arrives, I take note of the earth friendly packaging. Nice. There is also a cartoon face sticker of the gentleman (Steven as I recall) who lovingly prepared my fragrance for shipping! (I liked this fun personal touch!) The bottle itself is attractively shaped, plain & simple matte black. Great for preserving the juice. It also makes me presume that Gorilla Perfumes/Lush puts their dollars into the actual fragrance & not all the fancy/shmancy (ultimately unimportant) packaging & advertising stuff. I am pleased. While this is my first bottle owned from this perfume line, I'm pretty certain it won't be my last. I'll be sampling the rest of their line - each and every one! Two thumbs up - without hesitation.

    12th September, 2010

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