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    └ la Nuit by Serge Lutens Les Salons du Palais Royal Shiseido

    Having spent my early twenties almost exclusively in a white floral (read ChloÚ), the smell of perfumes basically centered around tuberose, jasmine or orange flowers, often evokes an abstract memory of normality and everyday life. Still, I crave this cathegory of fragrances, but more so I love the smell of the living jasmine flower. ┴ la nuit, in my opinion, is a jasmine scent that stands out. Though delicate, it is also in it┤s own way potent: the bottle appears crammed with full blooming jasmines of highest quality. It is not the adorable prettyness of fragrant white flower buds that is accentuated here, as for instance in L┤Artisans "La Chasse...". ┴ la Nuit instead plays upon the intensity of a multitude in full bloom. There is a threatening shadow of indole and harshness, but only enough to underline tensions, like the ones between night and day, innocence and temptation. On me it stays purely floral throughout the whole time, and much unlike the other S. Lutens I have tried it is quite linear. Obviously, this is not the most challenging creation of C.Sheldrake, but it smells expensive, in the right sense: skillfully crafted of prescious raw material.

    09th September, 2006

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