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    Loukhoum by Keiko Mecheri

    Loukhoum is strangely two-faced, managing to be both excentric and familiar at the same time. It has unmistakable presence, surrounding you with sweet, rich and foody fumes of almond, vanilla and cherry; as if you had stepped into a cigar shop, but minus the tobacco. But before giving you a headache, it´s caracter is softened by a shy rose and the hint of clean, un-animalic musk in the background. It has great staying power which is a good thing considering the price of a bottle. The powdery and comforting side of Loukhoum makes it a lovely and addictive companion when you are home doing nothing, or in bed reading a book, with the compulsary wrist-sniff-movement on repeat. On the other hand, the bolder side of it puts you in a great mood stepping out the door. It blends delisciously with the chilly air, especially when the leaves have started to fall. First time I wore this outdoors on a day like that, is one of the few times I actually remember thinking “I really don´t care what people think of my perfume”

    27th May, 2006

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