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    Feuilles de Tabac by Miller Harris

    Ah, Sir, you are transporting me back to those days near the Rue St. Germain with your scent today! What on earth is it?
    Though he has worn nothing but Acqua di Selva for the past several decades, my valet stuns me often with his uncanny propensity to properly ascribe provenance on the various scents in my collection, even new ones like this Feuilles de Tabac.

    This is simply quite a scent. Unabashedly masculine, yet perfectly appropriate for the fairer sex. There is no tobacco, per se, at lest not like D&G PH, Cuba, or even Guerlain Vetiver. Rather there is use of cascarilla oil, which is steam distilled from the bark of Croton Eluteria, which grows in the West Indies. The oil's color is a pale yellow to greenish yellow or dark amber. It has a strong, spicy, aromatic, warm woody, peppery, nutmeg, myrtle type odor (the preceding information from the Good Scents Co.). This scent is masculine in the same vein as Le Dandy from D'Orsay, though the two are nothing alike. In other words, this isn't masculine like Paco Rabanne, Sung, Aramis, or any of the otehr "typical" masculine scents; and I consider that a good thing. According to Lucky Scent, this scent has Cuban cascarilla oil, pimento berries, pine needles, sage, tobacco, tonka bean, and Malay patchouli. Seek out and experience for yourself. Enjoy.


    05th October, 2005

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