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    Erolfa by Creed

    The BEST Creed I have ever experienced.

    Encouraged by others on this Excellent Site, I bought the shower gel on eBay. I liked it. It was not very complex and was suitable for shaving, as well as a shampoo. I was enticed to try the real thing.

    I bought a 2006 tester for $50.00 (2.5 oz) and it changed everything. Whatever I knew, or thought I knew, about fragrances, about Creed fragrances, disappeared into this lovely, ever-changing, vapor. It is citrusy, complex, and the millisime aqua note appears, softly glowing underneath. It is intoxicating and fine. It does not shout; it whispers refinement and seductivity.

    I had previously favored Neroli Sauvage and MI, but Erolfa, while a bit of a blend of the two, has a 'dirty; note that baffles me. It draws one in again; ever complex and luxuriously fragrant. It changes, often and beautifully.

    It does not last long. But I have discovered a way. After shaving, to spray the face generously and rub it in. Then a non-scented moisturizer over that. Then spray again. It will last a while. Maybe 4 hours. I decanted some into a travel spritzer also. You never know.

    The women ADORE this fragrance. I have had so many noses in my neck, thanks to Erolfa, than I have lost count. "You smell so good!" they say.

    They are right. There is, for me, no better Creed than Erolfa.

    11th April, 2009 (Last Edited: 15th September, 2009)

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