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    Eau de Guerlain by Guerlain

    Eau de Guerlain (EdG) is the youngest of the Guerlain Eaux's, constructed in 1974 by JP-Guerlain. While the earlier Eauxs were simpler refreshing citrus formulae with little to no long tail, EdG while a competent citrus-aromatic/chypre has a distinctive 70s herb-laden vibe about it.

    The top notes have a clear dominant lemon note but almost immediately the "star" that makes EdG standout from various cologne formulas makes an appearance...its the herb known for cleaning the urinary system: the caraway. Here though its utilized for nasal pleasure, its characteristic sweet-spicy-herbal aroma made uplifting by good use of mint and a light infusion of jasmine and lavender to soften the herbal middle notes show. While EdG has a generally light feel, it can last for a good 6-7 hours...this is due to moss and musk in the base, with the tingly mossy aroma lasting long after the lemon shine and homeopathic carraway have faded away.

    EdG is made with quality materials, and while its the young un of the Eaux family, its the one with the most retro feel. A spicy-sweet herbal-lemon aroma that wouldn't be out of place amongst the staff of the Nixon administration or on the set of Grease. The newer generation may be turned off by the strong herbal-carraway component and I prefer the clearer focus on quality citrus notes of the Eauxs from the 1800s. What was old is now new again.

    Rating: 8.25/10.0

    15th May, 2010

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