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    Muscs Koublaï Khän by Serge Lutens Les Salons du Palais Royal Shiseido

    Notes: civet, castoreum, costus roots, cistus labdanum, ambergris, Morrocan rose, cumin, ambrette seeds, patchouli

    The notes are a powerful tour de force of all things animalic. I went in expecting smells of a wet dog, unshaved dirty hormonal crotches, sweaty armpits, dirty socks, etc. I came away confused.

    I dont know whether its the skin chemistry acting up, but what I get from MKK is sweet light airy floral which dries down to a sexy musk scent with hints of civet. While a pleasant smell, it smells quite feminine, really. It must be one darn potent Moroccan rose in use here. Something like Kouros blows the pretentious animalic doors out of this one, while Musc Ravageur does the sex/sensual/pheromone with much more sexual panache.

    Overall, MKK isn't a bad scent - its just not what I was expecting. Its a fairly tame, demure fragrance (never thought I would say that about a Serge Lutens fragrance!) with a light pleasant musky floral accord. Would I shell out the big bucks for a freaky bell jar of this one ? Definitely not. It doesnt stand out much in its composition, and cheaper alternatives about. All the talks of this smelling like Genghis Khans nether regions turned out to be false - it smells more like one his harems before the late night carnage of love making.

    30th January, 2007

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