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    Trafalgar by Truefitt & Hill

    Notes: Citrus, Jasmin, Spices, Cedar, Sandalwood

    A bit of trivia about this cologne:
    "Trafalgar owes its name to one of the most celebrated naval engagements in European history - the battle of Trafalgar. This famous maritime confrontation took place off Cape Trafalgar, on the southern coast of Spain, on 21st October 1805, the very year in which William Francis Truefitt established his business. The overwhelming British victory destroyed Napoleon's plan to invade England and helped to secure the British naval supremacy for years to come. The British however suffered almost 1500 casualties, amongst them, Britainís hero, Admiral Nelson, who was mortally wounded."

    Cardamom definitely plays a big role in Trafalgar. Its almost immediately perceptible from the beginning, first meshing with citrus notes at the top before defining the main accord with cedar and jasmine. Jasmine does it part in subduing the potent combo of cedar + cardamom. Trafalgar is one of those moody scents; in cooler weather, the cardamom blends seamlessly with other more bright and floral ingredients to create a masculine spicy woody aroma. In warmer temperatures, the cardamom gets out of control, and just like the british, overpowers the composition, establishing its nasal supremacy.

    Would I buy it? No. Do I care about British history ? No to that too. But Trafalgar might be worth your time if you are partial to the note of cardamom.

    29th March, 2007

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