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    Clubman by Truefitt & Hill

    Official description: "A fresh aromatic characterized by citrus, mint and a crisp oceanic accord enhanced by fresh florals, woods and musk"

    Really? An oceanic accord in the 1880s? To the best of my knowledge, the molecule responsible for oceanic accord ("calone") was discovered by Pfizer in 1966, and since the late 80s has been used in a zillion teen-ho frags. My guess is that the "oceanic" accord in Clubman is probably accomplished using geranium (it smells a bit similar to Amouage Arcus)

    One would think that a citrus fragrance released in the late 1800s (from a respected british barbershop) would smell clean, simple and distinguished. Not so. Clubman starts off smelling pleasant, if quite unexciting. The subdued citrus and mint notes create a relaxed feel, before your nose rudely assaulted by an extremely common and synthetic ("plasticky") smelling "noise" in the perfume. Yes, this is the same cheap clumsily incorporated "oceanic" note which can be found in many drugstore fragrances (unless its geranium). Thats the extent of evolution in Clubman; its like A-to-Z from citrus+mint to "chemical juice". There are far too many superior aquatic and marine fragrances - a little known fragrance by the name of Acqua Di Gio is one of them.

    30th March, 2007

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