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    The One for Men by Dolce & Gabbana

    Top: Grapefruit, Coriander, Basil
    Middle: Cardamom seed, Ginger, Orange blossom
    Base: Cedar, Amber, Tobacco

    Created for the modern hedonist who never passes by unobserved, The One for men delivers a boring, just-barely-good-enough workman like performance that will pass you by ..

    Citrus painted with a coat of fresh aromatic spices and spicy-herbal basil highlights lays down the carpet for The One,...theres also a zingy ginger note acting as an outlier. Within minutes a juicy orange blossom note comes forth to form the main heart ..ironically incontrast to the top notes this is an orange blossom note stripped of its spicy tones, and is more juicy mandarin like in its effect. I detect no coconut note whatsoever .. perhaps its the intermingling of the top and heart notes via the cardamom that brings about a very tenuous coconut link for a minute or two at most, although I should say that Mr. Bareback-sex-on-a-beach aka Mathew McConoughey (the face of The One homme) wouldn't mind a fresh coconut note all.. The juicy sweetness of the blossom melds into the ambery basenotes with bare traces of sweet tobacco and woods. Moderate sillage and 5-6 hour longevity for this One.

    In this era of 800 fragrance releases per year, The One's solid but very conventional construction comes off as boring and yawn worthy .. there's no edge and no distinctive accord to propel this into the top 500. Perhaps D&G need to use the nudist colonies that Mathew McConoughey is so hell bent to start as inspiration for their next juice..

    Rating: 6.00/10.00

    14th December, 2008

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