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    New Haarlem by Bond No. 9

    I am not fan of gourmand-y fragrances. To many times I have observed that such fragrances are too sugary, too heavy, too cloying and too "foody" (yes, I know the proper application technique..I do go easy on the applicator). I always wished for a (gourmand) fragrance which would be 50% gourmandy, and 50% citrusy or woody - the later 50% to provide diversity of notes so as not to overdo the "foody/chocolatey/coffee" theme.
    New Haarlem is the gourmand I was looking for all this time. It strikes the perfect balance between being primarily a gourmand scent while also being diverse enough in its notes pyramid. The vanilla coffee notes are extremely blended and balanced out by the citrus and the lavendar notes; at no point will you feel suffocated by the "foodiness", yet you will still smell the rich coffee/vanilla notes on yourself in balanced moderate amounts. I cant stand A*Men..yet I went through a New Haarlem decant within a few days, and now its on my must-buy list. Great stuff.

    02nd September, 2006

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