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    Aventus by Creed

    Aventus is the latest Millesime/EDP from Creed and I will start off by first commenting on the bottle. I am not a bottle person, but I own a 2.5Oz flacon and this is the first time I have felt attracted to a bottle...despite initial impressions of unevenness in pics, the bottle looks and feels extremely solid and bad ass. The leather is quality and tightly wrapped around the flacon, and the 'black' theme is pronounced. Imagine a cross of Johnny Depp from 21 Jump Street and Brandon Lee from The Crow...its the GIT black matte flacon for the year 2500.

    Now onto the fragrance...despite some comments flying around on boards, this is not a 'fresh' or 'aquatic' fragrance. I believe at this point in time I am about the only one spraying this straight from the bottle onto my wrists, and can with abandon. Built on the fruity-chypre genre established by Mitsouko, Aventus is a fruity-chypre "for men"...and by "for men" I mean toned down in its overall intensity so as not to pump out massive sillage. The fruity part comes first...and its a burst of one of the finest pineapple notes on the market (only L'Artisans Ananas Fizz comes close) accented by tart apples and a bit of bergamot. Smells great, caught my attention, lets move on! The progression is smooth as butter to the next component which is a modicum of blackcurrant and patchouli...neither of the components are intense or fleshed out (Creed aren't big on patchouli or anything earthy), but their job here is to induce a weird medicinal-fruity aroma...and in this case weird is good. A drop or jasmine and rose sparkle in the background, mostly to soften the composition. And this brings to close the first half of the show. Pineapple/tart apples, some medicinal currant and patchouli combo, and a bit of floral show. Thats the fruity part of the fruity-chypre taken care of and with very subtle balance no less.

    Then begins the more intriguing transformation...dry smoky birch, with some remnants of the patchouli-currant from the top, and ofcourse the oak moss...the 2nd half of Aventus is smoky, dry, parched and mossy. Its excellently constructed but also very low a subtle layer of mystery chypre goodness. Our good Creed friend ambergris also makes and appearance in cahoots with a little vanilla and musk. Longevity is good at around 6 hours, with some components such as the currant, patchouli or smoky birch becoming more prominent in hot weather.

    Aventus is one of the best fruity-chypres to come out in recent years, made with good ingredients and tightly constructed. Some may complain about the fruit notes, some may say the patchouli isn't strong enough, and some may complain about the low key basenotes. My personal opinion is that this is about the only fruity-chypre that I can wear on a daily basis, with the only other one that I like (Mitsouko EDP) reserved for night wear because of its special intensity. I actually prefer Aventus's pineapple/apple to Mitsouko's peach top notes. Also, I would have preferred a more intense smoky-mossy base ala Mitsouko. But what Aventus does deserves of the best fruity-chypre's in recent years, good enough for everyday wear, and a unique entry in the Creed catalog. Napoleon would be proud.

    Rating: 8.5/10.0

    04th September, 2010

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