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    Green Irish Tweed by Creed

    This is the gold standard of green scents. Simultaneously extroverted, refined and complex. Light-hearted, but beautiful. If it were a musical instrument, it would be a trumpet. Like most Creed scents Iíve experienced, I would describe it as smelling bright and clear. Thereís nothing dark or muddy in it. It is a romantic scent. And a sexy scent. While all scents smell differently on, and to different people, women mostly seem to like it. And most seem to like it a lot!

    When I first sampled GIT, I smelled mainly cut grass, and didnít think I liked the scent. But as the top notes wore down and the accord focussed more on the floral heart notes and powdery musk basenotes, my perception changed. Repeated wearings showed layers of richness and complexity, which had first escaped me. The top notes arenít grass, but citrus. I neither know, nor will attempt to name them all. But the first impression is of grass because the citrus is in accord with the iris and whatever other floral bits makeup the heartnotes. There are similarities to Creedís OV. But the both the citrus and florals are brighter and bolder in GIT. And there is ultimately no vetiver to undercut their higher register.

    Perhaps four hours after application, the citrus topnotes are largely gone. The basenotes are rising to combine with the remaining florals into a rich, creamy, powdery accord that I suspect many have described as the Creed house note. I love it! It works on me, and for me. Sillage is prodigious, and longevity is excellent for me too. Faint suggestions even linger the next day after a shower.

    Despite itís excellent sillage, this scent has seemed to offend no one, and delight many. I would have to describe it as an elegant casual scent. Or perhaps one that is casually elegant. And if it works for you, I believe itís not out of place in almost any setting.

    09th September, 2006

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