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    La Myrrhe by Serge Lutens Les Salons du Palais Royal Shiseido

    La Myrrhe is one of those SL scents, that justify and enforce the idea behind the ‘’Bel Jar’’ marketing policy of the house. Actually it’s the only way to discourage you from wasting precious molecules of the “jus” in the air. Wearable or not (who cares anyway), this is a reference scent made for those few romantics, that can afford to put this wonderful bottle in a glass display and treat it like a museum item. The word “inspired” finds its true meaning in La Myrrhe. A complex and “thick” scent, built around a main note idea, but with a much more interesting and captivating surrounding. Overtaking the top note resemblance to parts of Chanel’s No5 or No22 due to the use of aldehydes, you find a most alluring and warm heart balancing skillfully between bitter, resinous, sweet and floral. A marvelous feast for the mind and the senses. The anise note comes for me much later along with amber and musk for a soft and sensual base. If I had to give it a gender, I would say feminine, but I would be unfair. This gem belongs to everybody. I wouldn’t buy it, but I feel so lucky I had the chance to smell it.

    26th January, 2010

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