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    Les Nuits d'Hadrien by Annick Goutal

    GROUP. Citrus-Aromatic.GENDER. Safe choice for both male & female.CREATIVITY. Another citrus scent but very wisely blended. You certainly won’t impress wearing this one, but that is not always the point. DAYorNIGHT? For a scent with the word ‘’Nuits’’ in its name you would expect something bolder, long lasting and impressive. On the contrary it is light, quiet and fades relatively quickly (at least on me). The majority of the citrus fragrances are intended for daywear and I am afraid this one goes with the majority as well, despite the patchouli-sandalwood base. LONGEVITY. A disadvantage, for this very refined scent. COMMENTS. The finely balanced hesperidic opening (lemon zest, mandarin, bergamot and a touch of star anise) is the best part of it. The citrus notes are mild and not pungent at all. Very soon (unfortunately) come the basil and the cypress notes which are excellent, last longer but are a little boring. Base notes, patchouli, sandalwood and musk (sorry, I don’t get the vanilla) are well combined but don’t last for long.Overalll, a fine daywear scent. I wish it could last longer.

    22nd September, 2009

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