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    17/17 Irisss by Xerjoff

    Up to the time I tried Irisss, I was 100% sure, there is no possibility for another scent, aside the wonderful Iris Silver Mist, to come closer to the original Iris note. Once again I was wrong. In this business you can never be 100% sure. Having smelled the original raw pure Iris extract, I can now tell that at last Iris SM found an equal rival. Irisss is almost a soliflore. Just add the purest, most rooty and earthy iris smell you can imagine to a perfectly balanced floral, woody and powdery background and you have, along with ISM probably the best Iris scents in the world. Extra bonus comes from the unbelievable for an Iris scent, power and longevity (no wonder that the 3 sís at the end of itís name represent the purity and the intensity of the key note as I was told from the SA). However, as with everything truly great in this world, this one as well has a flaw. A really incredible price! My advice : Donít miss the opportunity to smell it once you find it, but for your wardrobe go for ISM.

    20th January, 2010

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