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    Fendi Uomo by Fendi

    Very boozy opening, as is with a lot of the older fendis, that fades quickly to reveal a magical time-travelling trip to the 80ís. This scent borders the line between the typical macho scents of yore and the elegant, more refined scents that came about in the late 80ís. This one came out in the late 80ís logically but it seemed awfully consevative at the time. The thing is, it is not a bad scent at all, in fact, one can be very drawn to it easily, the sillage is important and thereís this Dad quality that makes it somewhat comfortable. As usual with 80ís scents, this one has a decent longevity. I agree with a lot of what foetidus wrote, and I donít want to repeat the notes featured either, as they are all very much present in the scent. But I will say that the woody, leathery drydown is very nice, in very masculine kind of way. The patchouli here is not very prominent but it gives it a twist, reminiscent of books and libraries Ėdust and spiderwebs included. If you happen to like it, please donít shower with it like my next-door neighbor does.

    22nd October, 2006

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