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    l'eau de parfum #2 Spiritus / land by Miller et Bertaux

    here are few scents that make me want to look for full bottles anymore. Usually a 5 or 10 ml dewcant will be enough to satisfy my desire to give it a try, and then I know I will be ready to move on. Spiritus / Land is an exception. I would LOVE to own a full bottle. Now I admit to being fond of more unique, off the beaten track scents, and unisex scents generally rate high with me. Spiritus is the one that in my mind, I refer to as my ginger-ale perfume. The intial blast, right into the sinusus - is in fack ginger. As the drydown occures, a greater complexity is shown.. i etect a cool iris note, a touch of pepper...and a decided soapy cleanness... another BIG plus for me. I can't speak to the lasting qualities, as I have only sampled this gem - never fully and passionatley SPRITZED.... but I will. And soon!

    10th August, 2006

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