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    Incense Extrême by Tauer

    Incense extrême is described as a minimalist incense with an extreme concentration of frankincense extract, and it is. It's neither a murky church incense like Messe de Minuit, nor as fresh and woody like Incense rosé. Instead it's dry, dry, dry like dust or ashes, with an almost herbal/aromatic spiciness. Tauer describes it as a red scent - I'd describe it as charcoal grey. If it was only smoky/spicy hot it might seem red, but it's somehow hot and metallic cold at the same time, like smoldering ashes someone has poured a bucket of water over. Although it feels strong when first sprayed on, it has zero sillage on my skin (like most incense scents!) and either the lasting power is quite poor or it's the type of scent you easily get anosmic to when you wear it. I think probably the latter - it feels like the type of scent the nose would quickly get tired of, especially with the high concentration of one ingredient.

    05th June, 2008

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