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    Fendi by Fendi

    After the alcoholic and aldehydes infused first spritz, you will get lots of bergamot wich will make it rather similar to theoremaÖfor the first minute or so. After a while the flowers and fruits will take over and kill any citrus left and make it more powdery as well. Itís not a bad scent at all, but it does still have the 80ís tag-along feel that even with the reformulation it canít shake off. The notes are very well layered and they are very defined. But Iím glad this reformulation took place anyways as the original had problems with the quality of the scent after a couple of months, wich today, is unforgivable. I wanted to call the scent ďchummyĒ but itís too elegant for that so I would say ďcozyĒ. My sister kinda hates it. Iím at odds with it, and I know many women love it. Itís very much a sniff-for yourself scent. The scent is never, at any level sweet, the drydown is rather woody but it has a leathery touch to it that can be called the mysterious sister of Fendi Uomo. This EDP doesnít have the longevity problems of the fendiís own EDP Theorema. (wich are solved on the extrait conc. of theorema).

    22nd October, 2006

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