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    Design by Paul Sebastian

    Last weekend, I was in the backyard weeding and trimming invasive trumpet vines, when caught a whiff of some flowery scent. It smelled like "Design" by Paul Sebastian. I thought it was most unusual, because our yard is pretty darn big, and our nearest neighbor is quite far. Who was wearing "Design" in my yard??? It was just me and the dogs. Well, I was hauling the trimmings out to the the bin in the back alley, and I saw these beautiful yellow flowers. I sniffed them, and it was "Design." I was shocked, so when my neighbor came out to throw his trash away, I asked him what this plant was. He said, "It's Spanish Broom." "Design" smells like Spanish Broom to me.

    The first time I smelled "Design" was on a coworker who had come into the cold room to return the centrifuge rotor. She was a young woman, about mid 20's, and this was the 1990's. So I don't associate "Design" with old women, as some other reviewers do. It smelled lovely on her! But when I bought some for myself, it really did not smell the same on me at all. It smelled awful. So, I never wear it.

    14th May, 2008

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