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    parfums*PARFUMS Series 2 Red: Sequoia by Comme des Garçons

    What an unusual perfume! At first, it's all cedar. But not just any cedar, it's cedar that's damp and almost rotting. Other reviewers have mentioned "vinegar" and "sweat." And it does smell very much like. . . sweat. It makes me think of lactic acid. Incomplete glycolysis. And perhaps that's what gives it the sweaty gym clothes smell. There's also patchouli in the opening. Ugh. I don't like patchouli. And a fecal-like smell. Could that be the oud?

    I really didn't think I could brave this one out, but luckily, its sillage is next to nil. It's not a sillage monster on me. Even though I could smell the fecal smell up close, no one else could. I'm sure of that.

    What's interesting is that by 4 hours later, all those sweaty, smelly gym clothes are gone, and someone has laundered them in a really nice-smelling detergent. How did it do that? Amazing! And this nice, clean scent lasted all day, and well into the next morning -- a good 20 hours.

    18th July, 2008

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