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    Gold Woman by Amouage

    tha arabs are very proud of their traditions and they are conscious of themselves and their culture.
    yet they are open,curious and respectful towards the achievements of other cultures.
    and this is what gives them this royal aura of someone who knows who he is and who is able to learn from others without decieving his own roots.
    this respect and consciousness make them so strong.
    they accept and learn the best from others without giving up their own identity.
    a rare and royal talent.
    just as royal and rare is the fragrance that came out of the finest essences of oman and the light hand of guy robert who applied all his art of creating a fragrance worthy of a queen at heart.
    it is a fragrance of undoubtless luxury and sophistication.
    it is too fine to hide it's glory but too elegant to slap you with its is neither hiding nor showing off its excellence. warm and full flower accords with the green rock rose and francinsense,ever so rich but never overdone.
    a royal highness.
    i love it

    29th August, 2008

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