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    L'Heure Bleue by Guerlain

    As for a cook working with the most delicate and refined ingredients everyday you school your nose.
    Once you start with sausage and get up to truffels - it is a continuous way up until you reach the top.
    And then sth strange happens....
    you start to accept only two things- the finest and the simplest.

    Like you can only eat or Bocuse or your mamas food.
    It is the same for me with fragrances.
    I know so many fragrances, had so many and still appreciate some of them but it gets more and more difficult to feel them.

    So I give away many and buy little because most of them don't talk to me personally any more.

    l'heure bleue is different. it may be sweet, heavy and old-fashioned but it is such a thick comforting heavenly juice that it became the lullaby I like to spray on my pillow at night.
    It fills the whole room if you wear it in the day. It is nothing You should go to the dentist with but it is the perfect fragrance for those blue hours with just me myself and I, a thick cashmir sweater and that smokey hour between dawn and night that will be only for you, reverie, thinking hours, reflections and that calm moments when you stop hurrying around and suddenly get back to hear your inner self.

    an amazing fragrance that definitely gives me something

    29th August, 2008 (Last Edited: 20th January, 2010)

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