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    Muscs Koublaï Khän by Serge Lutens Les Salons du Palais Royal Shiseido

    This fragrance is touching in the deepest , dirtiest way, comforting and disturbing all at once.

    The first thing I get from it is unwashed intimate parts of a male.
    The first impact is dry urine and other excrements, mixed with sweet tobacco of a chain smoker, dusty polyester trousers and an unwashed body warmed by the sun.
    Smelling it makes me smile because my nose gets lavanda,civet, tobacco leaves, leather, castorum and labdanum, vanilla, and maybe also fava tonca... woven into a devlish masterpiece. Comforting because of its human scent.and at the same time terrorising... because of its human scent.
    It is what we would smell like if we did not have showers and fresh clothes at hand every day.
    It is comforting because it reminds us of our human roots and leck of perfection, it 's so real. But in a society where everything has to function perfectly and be anti-septical, this fragrance will scare all who try to cover all human smell.
    I think it is like caron pour un homme who chain-smoked, drank and partied for a week without ever popping into a shower. I think I would wear this in combination with a stunning evening dress for a dinner with someone I have an open revenge with. It is so breathtakingly beastily terrible that it is already genial.
    A fragrant insult and a masterpiece.
    It does not smell good though.
    Something that might leave You in doubt... did she or did she not... wash? It is freaky. I love it

    25th September, 2008

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