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    Hermèssence Ambre Narguilé by Hermès

    Autumn dance has begun.
    When red and golden leaves start falling I always get particolarly homesick. I miss walking through the woods collecting leaves in all colours, baking apples in the oven and sitting by the fire telling stories.

    Ambre Nargiulé gave me that welcoming feeling of home from the first time I smelled it.
    It is as warm and protecting as the open arms of Your Mum when You come from outside in Winter and she is already at the door with a cosy cashmere plaid to wrap You up tightly.
    I get the same soft gourmand fond as in Shalimar, the same tonkabean and amber-vanillic mix.Deliciously woven into this thick liquor I get raisins, dry plum, apple and candied apricot , all sugared and spiced up with a touch of cinnamon.

    Sweet, yet not overly edible; dense yet lightweight.

    One of the few comforting fragrances which dont lack character.

    smooth as catpaws

    29th October, 2008

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