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    Jour de Fête by L'Artisan Parfumeur

    this this was my first artisan. and while i stocked up to about ten of their fragrances, this is one of those that never can miss. i am working in the niche parfumery business and accumulated a lot of knowlegde about the fragrances. in the artisan scents i found my own very personal satisfaction. my skin is having a very light vanilla-sweet undertone by nature and opens up every scent quite quickly, making even the heavy ones airy. unfortunately most of artisans don't have the best longevity but maybe this is also part of their charme. they are never too much or invadent.
    now jour de fete is surely a comforting scent, but one of the more complex and less banal.the almond in it is nearly green and crispy. the vanilla velvety soft but slightly bitter and powdery. it is not a soffocatingly sweet fragrance. it reminds of almond cookies but without their buttery heavyness. for me a real winner when i need something comforting but don't want to smell a whole bunch of girlie girls i need.
    light but sophisticated

    28th October, 2006

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