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    Homage Attar by Amouage

    I almost burst with curiosity when I finally received my attar.
    The bottle was so tiny, I was almost afraid to open it.
    Also I had ordered it blindly and was full of expectation.
    So I bent down carfully and lifted up the minuscule glass ball that clothes the bottle.
    I stepped back and prepared for bending over the bottle in order to take the first sniff when it already hit me.
    That tiny little thing in a distance of about 60cm was emanating a fragranced aura - so proud, strong and fierce that I stood back amazed.It was like the dschinn coming out of aladdins lamp.
    Such a small thing and so much glorious power in it.
    It was as if a cristal clear steal blue sky unfolded in front of my eye.And it was just us wide as the open sky.
    What makes this breathtaking is actually the overwhelming strength it generates.Nothing for someone who wants to pass unobserved.
    It is a king/queen fragrance. I agree with what some said- its beauty is gender-passing. But it is not one of those horrid unisex nose-insults. It is just a gem, a jewel incarnated in fragrance.

    The citrus notes are uplifting the whole construction without making a sad toilet water out of it.
    The rose is dewy ,yet strong.
    The francinsense lies as balsam under the crisp roseleaves and the oud gives it the radiance a king would wish for his arrival.
    It is a fragrance which makes me think of an open desert sky, and it also is a fragrance I cannot imagine on a person with an anxious heart or shut thinking horizon.
    It is as free and fierce as the tuareg.Son's of desert, courageous, proud, beautiful minds. Noble and uncompromising.
    No double tongued, vague thing.
    Though it is composed with just a few exquisit ingredients, it is everything else but simple.
    Its depth derives from the faceted beauty natural ingredients usually posses. This is also why they tend to overwhelm us.
    If this was a person, not a fragrance, it would be one of those rare people possessing inborn grace,charisma and authority.
    So there I was standing in front of my royal little treasure.
    I tried a teeny drop on each side of my neck and found myself wrapped into an olfacitve coat, one side icy light blue silk of sky, the other side the darkest blue velvet of desert night, over and over covered with stars....
    I am grateful for such a beauty, it is very rare we can still get in touch with such genuine fragrance crowns

    29th January, 2009

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