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    Tuxedo by Long Lost Perfume

    This review is for RL version; I hope it is close to LL's. This is a very rich, classic/vintage smelling perfume. I did not know this was for women on smelling it at first. From the name, I thought it was a men's fragrance, but that would be better on a woman. Now I know why. This scent is mainly a leather scent for me. It is decorated with tobacco flower and other repressed florals may accompany it. But to me it is really a smooth buttery leather scent. Actually if it were leather, it would have to be a thin sheet of leather dyed black on one side with golden sueded split leather back. The blackness comes from a whisp of fennel or licorice amid the vegetal/spicy notes. It dries down quickly to slightly sweet animalic almost dairy/butter smell, a buttermilk note almost. I will seek out the Long Lost version, as all I have of the original is a smidge in an old sample vial.

    08th April, 2007

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