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    Vetiver by Etro

    Full disclosure: I'm a certifiable vetiver fanatic, so it kind of goes without saying that I'm going to be all over this discreet beast. I love the raw, uncompromising nature of this fragrance, its single-minded devotion to the great god of vetiver. Yes, it's as dry as a bone in the desert, and yes, it's brutal, but as marco points out, it has poor sillage and longevity, which is why I call it "discreet." It's like a shocking little secret that only those who draw near will have any inkling of.

    It doesn't rank among my favorite vetivers of all time simply because I think vetiver projects more strongly with adjutant notes, like citrus, that set it in relief (and with me, it's all about PROJECTING that vetiver), and also because of the poor longevity, but it still gets a thumbs up for its admirable aesthetic discipline and, frankly, just for being a vetiver.

    I'd love to see a version of this with better projection called "Vetiver Sauvage" or something like that. I'd be the first in line to buy it.

    01st July, 2008

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