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    Graphite Blue by Realities Cosmetics

    Realities Cosmetics as far as I know is a subsididary of Liz Claiborne...
    It's maiden fragrance, Realities was a unabashed copy of D&G pour homme. It is lighter and less complex, but other than that, it is virtually identical.
    It didn't catch on though, at least not among serious cologne guys, dismissed as a cheap copy. So I guess in order not for the name to die, Realities launched this Graphite Blue.
    One would think they learnet their lesson the first go around copying another scent...not at all. This time it is a copy of Liz's Spark, itself a questionable scent. At least they kept it in-house. Don't get me wrong, Graphite Blue smells good, omitting all the 'bad' elements of Spark and reworking it to be more friendly, much like Spark Seduction did. It easily can be named Spark Blue or Spark Attraction.
    Again it smells good (see thumb) but what a rough start for Realities.

    05th July, 2007

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