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    8 88 by Comme des Garçons

    Strange. Not the scent per se, but the concept. Supposed to smell like gold? Vibert says silly, I agree. It smells like a high-end shampoo. But that is part of its strength. What do you wear when you do not want to smell like 'perfume' or 'cologne' yet you need to smell curiously pleasant? Reach for a bottle of 8 88. Unisex is right on, which makes it a candidate for round 2 post coitus and a shower the following morning, where the bliss of the night before still lingers. 8 88 works for that. It is also perfect for a signature scent for someone who does not like heavy scents. Not worth the price for sure, it is simply too generic in feel. However, the most premium generic scent I have ever encountered. Last for ages on clothes too. As much as I want to rate this neutral, I must rate it thumbs up. I haven't been able to stop smelling it, though it is empty and unintriguing everytime I sniff it.

    05th April, 2010

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