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    White Patchouli by Tom Ford

    It's almost as if the patchouli note has been hard wired to the rose in the top notes. Rose scented patchouli, if you will. That same tangy, cool feeling to my nose appears. Camphor perhaps? But instead of staying with the rose, the scent widens and encompasses a much more shimmery woody effect.

    For a Tom Ford scent, WP is extremely subtle. It's diffusion is almost immediately to the space, just outside of your personal space. When I spray it on, it feels like I have a 'cloud' of WP all around me, rather than one emanating up from my skin to my nose (this same effect is achieved by L'Air du Desert Marocain by Tauer - I have no idea how the perfumers do it, but it's magical!). Which is strange - because I am very surprised that Tom Ford came out with a subtle fragrance!

    The other notes (bergamot, white peony, jasmine, ambrette seed) I don't really smell. Although the fantastically warm drydown (which almost smells 'brown' - if that makes sense) contains some coriander, although not quite as 'nutty' as that note can be. This corainder note seems more polished and slightly sweet. Clean! Nothing like the dirtiness of Voleur de Roses by L'Artisan or Cannabis Rose by Fresh (or Black Orchid for that matter).

    The longevity of this is above average. Sillage (as I mentioned above) is below average, which is fine with me, as I usually don't like to leave a trail of scent behind me when I'm wearing a woman's fragrance.

    The White Patchouli bottle and packaging are top notch (as I tend to expect from Mr. Ford). Even if the white, ribbed glass bottle does look a little like Godiva White Chocolate liquer. :)

    23rd October, 2008

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