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    Azurée Soleil Eau Fraiche Skinscent by Estée Lauder

    I live in Miami - so smelling like you've been to the beach (coconut suntan lotion, salt water, etc) is easy to smell naturally. Yet, scents like this that are well done, I like.

    Azuree Soleil Eau Fraiche manages to bring the coconut note in an extremely subtle way, folding it into the marine/salt skin accord and smelling just a tad sweet (caramel) in the middle. However my favorite part (hardly mentioned by other wearers) is a kind of coral rock, mineral accord that hovers just above my skin when I wear ASEF. It recalls the smell of the ocean, where it meets a rocky shoreline and the smell those rocks get baking in the sun, wet from ocean water.

    I remember another Basenoter (when I sent him a sample of this) mentioning Tom Ford has bottled the smell of sexy Brazilians. :)

    This is now (May 2008) an officially discontinued fragrance from Estee Lauder - however Lauder (because their contract with Tom Ford fragrances ran out) has re-packaged and re-named ASEF - so you can still buy this scent at Lauder counters under the name, 'Bronze Goddess'. I have tested several times side-by-side and I must say BG is very similar to ASEF.

    17th May, 2008

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