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    Cowboy Grass by D.S. & Durga

    Cowboy Grass continues the olfactory theme of most of the D.S. & Durga line - resinous, pungent, raw fragrances that are mostly dry, texturally scratchy and not easy-to-like.

    CG is all grasses, dirt and dry woods - a sort of supercharged vetiver note with no iodine-salty notes - rather a flat, grassy and roasted smelling leaf note.

    I used to work cutting grass during my summer vacations, as an adolescent, to earn money and when you've spent a day in the sunshine, sweating with bits of dried grass, leaves and dirt all over your body and work clothes the smell sort of reminds me of CG. Strangely enough, swirling around in the middle of all of this, is a mint note - that adds a bit of depth to the scent (sort of like the mint note in Derby does). And then, unexpectedly, the scent starts to disappear rapidly on skin. For such a strong vetiver top note I expected this one to last a bit more. I would have over applied it if I could...but the way this pierces the nose when applied I don't think anyone could actually tolerate over applying this one - it's very tough and gritty.

    Fans of Lorenzo Villoresi, Andy Tauer's harsh, strange and difficult-to-get-the-first-time approach to perfumery, should check out Cowboy Grass and a few others in the D.S. & Durga line.

    I love sampling this sort of scent. It's sort of an extension of the CdG Leaves Series, which I love. I am weird like that. :) But I can't imagine wanting to reach for CG on a regular basis: I have no idea in what sort of setting I would wear something like this.

    09th July, 2010

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