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    Trussardi (original) by Trussardi

    Fragrance notes: orange blossom, rose, sandalwood, patchouli.
    This is classified as a woman's scent, but in my ignorance I purchased a bottle at a discount store. The very cool white flask evoked a Jay Gatsby vibe. And in the end, I don't regret the purchase. After all, the two reviews so far are from a male perspective. This is an interesting scent. It only has a few elements in common with Trussardi Uomo and in my opinion is only somewhat like it. Trussardi White (as I call it) has a sharp, tangy, antiseptic-medicinal note that appeals to me once in a while. A peppery spice, a rubbery tang, a perky-edgy note... whatever it is, it is oddly compelling. The mood is somewhat like Arlington, another perky-aromatic scent. The rose and neroli soften it a bit but not too much. Probably here we see the distinctive rendition of cedarwood and patchouli. It has good longevity. Smokey, a bit sweet (but not excessive), at times creamy and subtle and at other times sharp. Perhaps it is an acquired taste, but I appreciate it more with each wearing.

    08th April, 2008

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