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    Dimensione Uomo by Ciccarelli

    I have taken the liberty of providing a rough translation of the review below. It seems to be from a person familiar with the product in its early days, and the Italian scene generally. Here is my assessment. I purchased this at an Italian deli, $10 for a 100 ml splash bottle. Given its inexpensive price, I am satisfied with the scent. It has a salty-lemony quality which develops some tangy notes which are probably due to the lavender. The rose is not particularly evident, and the musk provides a satisfactory foundation. Certainly at that price it is worth checking out.

    “Dimensione Uomo [Dimension Man] is a men’s line famous in 1976 (not 1977 as wrongly indicated in this site), launched with much publicity from the pharmaceutical enterprise Dr. Ciccarelli of Milan. Comprised of strong notes of bergamot and fine woods, it is a unique composition; difficult to describe but in every way memorable! The marketing strategy placed it in many perfume counters and pharmacies and was a true innovation for its time. There was a full product line: shaving articles, soap, bath foam, eau de cologne, deodorants and shampoo... regrettably, the line has had varied fortunes in the 80’s and 90’s, including some reorganization and distribution in supermarkets, and perhaps a decline in quality.”

    12th April, 2007

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