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    Carlo Corinto Classic by Carlo Corinto

    Well, I’ll weigh in to the spirited discussion in progress! First, a visit to the Carlo Corinto website (a particularly well-designed one, BTW) revealed a fragrance pyramid different from that here in Basenotes. Here is Corinto’s list:
    TOP – bergamot, basil, thyme, lemon
    MID – sage, cedarwood, olibanum, raspberry
    BASE – patchouli, vanilla, leather, vetyver
    I suspect this represents a current tinkering with the 80’s formulation; the fruity note in the middle (a feature of all CC’s current line) suggests that is the case. Given that, the bottle I have may be the previous version. Here’s what I found. First of all, let’s have some common sense and approach these old-school scents with caution. Apply it lightly, and writhing on the floor and banishment from the workplace won’t happen. Even in small doses, this is powerful stuff. I find it to be a cool-weather scent: it really came alive when I went outside in the early morning and worked in the garden. In hot weather and in an office, it might not be the best choice. There is a brisk citrus-herbal opening. The middle is excellent, containing good pine notes with woody spice. Everything smells fresh, natural, and balanced at this point. Discretion pays off in the dry-down, which gets rich and substantial. Leather, patchouli, amber notes are there. The cardamom interacts well with these for a while. In sum, I liked the opening and middle best, the dry-down is OK. I like CC, but will carefully pick the times when I wear it.

    22nd May, 2007

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