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    New York by Nicolaï

    I had high expectations of PdN's New York, largely due to the frequent comparisons to Creed's Bois du Portugal. I own and really like BdP, but was wondering if New York might prove to be a better match for me. What I had hoped (and not by anyone's particular comment) is that New York would have a mellower opening than BdP, but match its drydown, which I find to be perfect. Or from another vantage point: I wish BdP had a less potent opening.

    I would note that while the scents wear similarly, they are very different in constuction. The notes for New York are as follows:

    Top: lemon, petitgrain, lavender, armoise
    Heart: pepper, pimento, patcholi, cedar
    Base: leather, amber, vanilla

    The Nicolai website characterizes this scent as a "spicy oriental".

    In BdP they are cedar, sandalwood, lavender and vetiver (there are certainly others, I don't see them listed at the Creed website though).

    To me New York is a dense spicy scent, smooth, very classy and masculine and while one could never confuse it with BdP, there is a definite similarity. I would suggest the opening in New York is sweeter than BdP and the drydown is more centered on spices, compared to BdP which is more wood-centered.

    Definitely a classy masculine worthy of consideration. I don't think I will be replacing my BdP with it, but it certainly is quite good.

    12th April, 2009

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